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By Brian Bolt, David Hobbs

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This booklet for lecturers indicates tasks which cater for quite a lot of recommendations and abilities, and hyperlinks with different curriculum topics.

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7 Compare English and Scottish results. I I Have football attendances declined over the years? 1 2 Have there been changes in the mean scores, variability of scores, etc. over the years? 13 What would be the effect of changing the points scheme? Before 1981 in England two points were awarded for a win and one for a draw. Subsequently three points have been given for a win, and one for a draw. A computer program could be devised to allow various points schemes to be tested. Sport 35 1 4 How good are newspapers at predicting football results?

Analyse the strategies involved. o 1> < O (> i O O O Games and amusements 39 4 Form a square An interesting version of noughts and crosses is possible o n a 4 x 4 o r a 5 x 5 board if instead of trying to make a line the players aim to make a square. vA A V )\ \/ V ( i/ w v ) ): ) N• / V ^ X \ s r \\ \• O On a 5 x 5 board there are 50 possible squares. Can you find them all? How many squares can be found using a corner square? What strategy can be used to win this game? 5 Commercial two- and threedimensional versions A variety of commercial versions of noughts and crosses are marketed.

For this purpose a scale drawing of the room on squared paper would be useful. Pieces of card can be cut to represent furniture and moved around to obtain suitable circulation space. Books on design often contain recommendations about space needed. In planning the carpet consideration needs to be given to widths available; also pieces removed for a cupboard, say, might be usable elsewhere. The position of light fittings and power points could also be planned. References Leaflets about paint, carpets, etc.

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