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By Damien Andre, Jean-Luc Charles, Ivan Iordanoff

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Complex habit versions (plasticity, cracks, visco elascticity) face a few theoretical problems for the selection of the habit legislations on the non-stop scale. while homogenization fails to offer the suitable habit legislation, an answer is to simulate the fabric at a meso scale with a view to simulate without delay a collection of discrete homes which are in charge of the macroscopic behavior.  The discrete point version has been constructed for granular fabric. The proposed set exhibits how this system is able to unravel the matter of complicated habit which are associated with discrete meso scale results. the 1st e-book solves the neighborhood challenge, the second provides a coupling method of hyperlink the structural results to the neighborhood ones, this 3rd ebook provides the software program workbench that comes with all of the theoretical developments.



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These attributes can be used with any processing plugins. They are mutually exclusive. 2. Triggering on events In addition, a plugin can be triggered on a specified event due to the TriggerOnSignal attribute. For example, the following lines trigger the Test plugin each time a bond is disabled. 3. Multi-threaded plugins Some plugins are multi-threaded. The multi-threaded architecture allows local parallel computation on multi-core Central Processing Unit (CPU). If a 30 3D Discrete Element Workbench plugin is multi-threaded, the number of wanted threads can be specified with the ThreadNumber attribute.

Some famous examples in C++ are the containers of the standard template library (STL) such as, for example the vector, list and map classes. Within the GranOO workbench, The libDEM library provides the class SetOf that models the concept of “set of something” (SetOf class uses the vector STL class). SetOf objects are useful to store discrete elements, bonds, springs, etc. We 8 3D Discrete Element Workbench can retrieve a SetOf by its name, we can scan its elements in a loop, we can add/remove items, etc.

Another advantage is sharing promotion. One of Operating Architecture 35 these simple tasks can develop an interest in another user for an another numerical experiment. 3. 2 shows the plugin classes hierarchy. In this UML diagram, the HelloWorld class is an example of a user-defined plugin available in the GranOO example hierarchy. A plugin must inherit from a special template class named PlugInInterface. This class inherits itself from the pure virtual PlugIn class. So, the PlugInInterface is an interface between the child class and the PlugIn class that implements the object factory design pattern.

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