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Therefore, to reach the truth in proportion to its excellence is to know both whole and part, that is, to know not just one or another truth, but to know all truths without error. Perhaps, however, Aristotle himself did not entirely reach this sense. But, because led by natural light he would have guessed at human weakness as regards the contemplation of truth, he declared that in words which would comprehend the matter itself and would be consonant with Catholic doctrine. ”12 In this it is worth noting that he did not say that one perfect and exact knowledge of truth is produced by all, but only “a certain greatness” (quaedam magnitudo13).

XVI, pp. e. Antonio Andreas] (In XII libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis Expositio)—in the Wadding edition of Scotus’s Opera omnia (Lugduni, 1639), tome IV—have only Books 1–12; (8) In the 15th century, John Argyropoulos (see in: Aristotelis castigatissime recognitum opus metaphysicum [Parisiis: Apud Henricum Stephanum, 1515]) has translated Books 1–12; (9) The 1562 edition of Aristotle with Averroes’ commentary (Averrois Commentaria et Introductiones in omnes libros Aristotelis cum eorum versione latina.

48 Cf. DM 24, 1, vol. 25, pp. ” 49 Cf. 994b20–23. 994b30–31. 51 Cf. DM 30, s. 11, vol. 26, pp. , s. 12, pp. ” 53 Understanding the “range of being” to be the “range of real being”, which would include that which is or can be and would exclude “beings of reason” and “accidental beings,” the principle here does not jibe with everything in Suárez’s metaphysical and episte- Metaphysics Book II 51 mological doctrine. On this, see my article: “Suarez on Beings of Reason and Truth”, Vivarium, 25, 1 (1987): pp.

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