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Bow na>xc,noxct nAxce nooy divide, split f. board today v. ^ o o y [n^ype grow; m. trap ncDO), n c u c p e , n e c ^ n o c y ^ [nxcy^ ], n H u ^ t divided, divide, share, be splits; m. division Tjxa)€ f. half ncDcpR, noq^N**, n o c p R t noDcyc, noq^c^, nocpct TMX>Z,^xZ',nA2^»l^^^Z^ ncD2, T i e ^ - , nH2^ n^N nA^pe m. ^emce serve, ordain; name of 9th Egyptian month nAcpoNc be amazed, deranged, amaze; m. amazement breaks burst, tear reac/i, o^aZ/t, succeed, ripen, befit{l) as vb. aux. succeed in, when once m.

Last year [cNxq] cN o y q ca)N2,coN^'^ [cAN^^], coN^t [cAN^^ bind, be bound m. bond, fetter [CNA^], p l . C N O o y ^ [cNAoy^] CHxyz cn-,cen- Lyear m. occasion, time one time ^ l o y c o n together c e n c NA y twice ( c e n - is u s e d w i t h two) M n n e ^ c e n c N A y for a second time R c 9 M N T c a > ( j D n three times ( c c o c u n is u s e d w i t h t h r e e ) R K c c o n again c ( j L > n , c n - , c o n ' ^ dip, soak c e e n e [ c e n e i ] remain; m, remainder, rest AyoD n K e c e e n e and so forth, et cetera cnip m .

Base conditional [q)xpx^] to, toward, as far as, until (sun),shine the east (pi. ) m. festival fe- m. MiLCi^e] cyeei eye m. wood, ZXhAo^e q^e go to and fro, wander ( e i move come) cross m. /gv. ecycjD V. c y e y e eye cyHi be suitable m. cistern, well cyi, c y i T ^ , c y H m e a s u r e , weigh; m. measure, weight, q^\x\, cyoi't cyiH be long; m. length f. length amount 42 cyjxi m . sand C9COB,c9a>q,u^F-,C9HBt c y B € V. a ^ q e q^HBe 5/zave ^even/y m .

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